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Services & Pricing
​*All prices are before Japanese Consumption Tax

Translation & Interpretation


(Asahikawa-Biei-Furano Area)

Half Day (4 hours) - 15,000yen
Full Day (8 hours) - 25,000yen
Extension - 2500yen per hour

*Does not include meals, transport etc

Want to sight see in Asahikawa, Furano and Biei but would prefer to be in the safe hands of a Japanese speaker? I am only too happy to help! I am also happy to interpret for any activity or experience unavailable in English. Please note that due to Japanese tourism laws, I am not licensed to provide your transport-- you will need to arrange this independently through a licensed supplier.


(Other Hokkaido Area)

40,000yen per day*

Despite its growing popularity as a tourism destination, English-speaking interpreters are hard to find in Hokkaido. If you would like to travel the region with an interpreter, I offer a special daily rate for multi-day trips in the prefecture.

Due to Japanese tourism laws, I cannot be your driver or organise your transportation or accommodation. This service is merely accompanying you around Hokkaido as an interpreter.

*Daily fee does not include my own accommodation, meals or transport fees (invoiced separately).

Writing with Pen

Japanese→English Translation
(Up to 300 Japanese Characters)


- Social media post
- Cafe menu
- Tourism information signs
- Poster, graphic etc

Image by Christin Hume

Japanese→English Translation
(300-500 Japanese Characters)

5000 yen


- Short blog post
- Cafe / restaurant menu
- Flyer or short pamphlet
- Tourism information poster

Image by Christin Hume

Japanese→English Translation
(500-700 Japanese Characters)


- Longer pamphlet or brochure
- Single website page
- Tourism information literature
- Town information, facility information

Working on Laptop

Japanese→English Translation
(700+ Japanese Characters)

2500yen per hour

These projects are intensive and demand more of my time, so I charge an hourly rate.

- Entire website
- Book or other longer literature
- Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy etc
- Official documentation

Writing (English)


Writing (~1000 words)


- Web page original copy
- Website article
- Leaflet or pamphlet copy
- Social media post

Image by Aaron Burden

Writing (1000+ words)

2500yen per hour

These projects are more time-intensive, so in excess of 1000 words, I charge an hourly rate.

- Website original copy
- Longer website articles
- Brochure copy
- Terms & Conditions

Other Services

Image by JD Gipson


2500yen per hour*

*Also applies to editing time

I am an award-winning photographer and I am happy to take quality shots for your project!

Some examples:

- Food photography

- Location photography

- Hotel room / facility photography

- Portraits

*If you wish to purchase a photo you have seen on my Instagram or elsewhere for personal or commercial use, please enquire.

biz card.png

Illustrations / Graphics

2500yen per hour

I can provide illustrations or graphics for logos, websites, maps, pamphlets and brochures and campaigns. I specialise in manga cartoons, digital art, coloured pencil and watercolour mediums. 



2500yen per hour*

*Also applies to editing time


- Public announcements
- Transportation announcements
- Short video voiceover (e.g. promotional video)
- Original short animation

*All recording is done at home, but I am happy to record in a studio of your choosing if required. In this case, additional fees may apply. Please enquire.



2500yen per hour*

If you need a friendly face for your project, then I am happy to help. I have modelled for portrait photographers, Hokkaido's tourism bureau and more. I am more than happy to be a mannequin for your hair and makeup skills, your handmade goods, apparel or play the role of a tourist lost somewhere in Hokkaido!

*Does not include accommodation fees or transportation fees for multi-day shoots, to be invoiced separately.

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